When it comes to home improvement, front yard trees are the place where you really get more bang for your buck. It's where you welcome guests, make first impressions and add some serious curb appeal (while upping your property value). These trees offer beauty and interest all while providing shade, screening or shelter. Front yard trees are where you find hummingbirds getting their first spring treat on bright blossoms and where you find kids jumping in crisp autumn leaves. Front yard trees are what make a house a home. 

Top 10 List of the Best Front Yard Tree Options 

1. Autumn Blaze Maple

This tree is a top choice for homeowners and it will be sure to put on a show in the fall with its bright red-orange fall color. 

Autumn Blaze Maple

2. October Glory® Red Maple

This tree has a desirable round shape with attractive green foliage in the summer that burst with color in the fall. 

October Glory Red Maple

3. Prairifire Pink Flowering Crabapple

With its distinctive horizontal shape, Prairifire Crabapple makes a definite statement in the landscape.

Prairifire Pink Flowering Crabapple

4. Black Hills Spruce

The formal, pyramidal shape is familiar in the landscape adding a native look, as well as creating a focal point in the lawn. 

Black Hills Spruce

5. State Street™ Maple

This fantastic tree has an interesting, textured bark which is complemented by a unique leaf pattern. Even better, this tree stands out in the fall when it bursts with vibrant yellow fall color. 

State Street Maple

6. Beijing Gold® Tree Lilac

Selected for its summer plumes of fragrant yellow flowers, dark green foliage, attractive bark, upright growth habit, and warm yellow fall color.

Beijing Gold Tree Lilac

7. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is an extremely popular choice among homeowners. A great three-season accent tree, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry's shrub-like form makes it perfect for adding privacy screening to the landscape.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

8. Celebration® Maple

This magnificent tree will light up your yard in more ways than one, from its yellow to orange deeply cut leaves that change in the fall to its strong wood branches that resist snow and ice damage. 

Celebration Maple

9. Aristocrat Ornamental Pear

Aristocrat Pear can be used anywhere from the parkway to the front landscape and can provide shade as well as accent.

Aristocrat Ornamental Pear

10. Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud is an absolute knockout in the spring and is a definite focal point for any landscape. This spectacular spring bloomer will attract birds and butterflies with its very showy pink to purple flowers. Possibly, the perfect front yard tree!

Eastern Redbud Collage