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  • Brittany started working with right in the middle of our busy spring season of 2017. She has been a huge asset to in the short amount of time she has been with us. Brittany pays close attention to our customer's needs and continues our strive for excellent customer service every day. She takes on many roles as's administrative assistant, one is social media marketing and blog writing. In Brittany's spare time she likes to spend time with her husband and daughter. She enjoys painting, drawing, creating, and being outdoors. As a published illustrator her creative, enthusiastic mind is a treasured asset to our team at

  • Marlee started working at in 2013 when she decided to jump into the growing family business, and since that time she has really ran with it. Marlee is a true people person, and her passion for design has helped her catch on fast. In only four short years, Marlee has effectively taken over, running all day to day operations at including sales, scheduling, customer service, administration, and marketing! Marlee truly cares about her customers and is very knowledgeable on all types of trees. She can help with tree layout, design, and selection- and has truly become an expert! Her favorite part of the job is meeting with customers, and helping them beautify their yard. She loves trees- and is always excited when she is able to spread that love of trees to her customers! Marlee loves working at and helping to make the earth gorgeous, but even more, she loves owning and working in a family business. In her spare time, Marlee enjoys time with her husband and three children, and loves spending time outdoors!