Spring is coming and it’s time to make Coal City Green! We are proud to be partnering again with the Village of Coal City and ComEd to plant trees on Arbor Day April 27. The goal is to get 150 trees planted in the community!

This year, residents will be able to select up to 2 trees for their yard from the list below at a cost of $100 each paid to the village. The rest of the tree cost will be covered by a Trees Forever grant, ComEd donations, and the village. Residents may plant the trees anywhere on their property or parkway. All residents will be asked to review the ComEd flyer outlining proper tree placement and be asked to sign the Trees Forever contract assuring proper care of the tree after planting. iTrees.com will be coming by to dig holes earlier that week and a team of volunteers from iTrees.com and ComEd will be planting the trees on Arbor Day. All tree orders will be placed & paid for with the Village.

Spring Grove Nursery has put together a great list of locally grown trees to choose from. The trees will be balled & burlapped large trees (1.5-2.0” unless otherwise noted) similar to the size of the ones planted at the Arbor Day event in 2016. To learn more about the trees, residents can visit either www.iTrees.com or www.SpringGroveNursery.com to view pictures & tree descriptions.

Choose from any of these trees (varieties available on a first-come-first-serve basis):

State Street Maple

Emerald Lustre Norway Maple

Red Sunset Red Maple

Autumn Blaze Maple

River Birch 14’ multi-stem

Northern Catalpa

Common Hackberry

Eastern Redbud

Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn 6-8’ multi stem

Skyline Honeylocust

Tulip Tree

Prairifire Pink Crabapple

Red Jewel White Crabapple

Norway Spruce 5-6’

Colorado Spruce 5-6’

Little Twist Cherry

Cleveland Select Ornamental Pear

Swamp White Oak

Shingle Oak

Bur Oak

Red Oak

Weeping Willow

Japanese Tree Lilac 5’ multi stem

Bald Cypress

Greenspire Littleleaf Linden

Princeton American Elm

In an effort to rebuild a healthy urban canopy, these trees have been specially selected to provide beauty & shade for many years to come. We specifically chose a diverse selection of trees to ensure that in the future the canopy will not be subject to disease or pests that feed on a certain tree. This variety of trees will also add beauty & changing features throughout the seasons. We hope that you enjoy the new canopy as it grows & flourishes in your community!

If residents wish to purchase additional trees or trees that are not on this list, the CommuniTrees Partner Program is still a great option.

Please see the CommuniTrees flyer for more info on this program and how to participate.

For more info or to get started, visit the Village Hall or call 815-634-8608 to reserve your tree & get GREEN!