10 Best Accent Trees to Plant Right Now

Accent trees are like the accessories of your home's exterior. They accentuate your landscaping, add personality, beauty, and act as a focal point in your yard. Accent trees tend to be small to medium sized trees, however, they are certainly not limited to that size requirement.

One of the best things about accent trees is their versatility and depending on size, they can be placed in a variety of places. Put them in your garden beds, near entrances, as an exclamation point in the landscape, or anywhere in the yard that needs a little extra something to draw in the eye.

1. Hot Wings® Maple

Hot Wings® Maple is a rare combination of the dependability of a Maple plus a refreshing decorative quality, all in one tree.

Hot Wings Maple

2. Whitespire Birch

Whitespire Birch trees are also commonly used in the front or back landscape to provide accent or anchoring, or around a deck or patio to provide shade and screening. 

Whitespire Birch

3. Pagoda Dogwood

Whether it's white flowers, blue fruit, or red fall colors, this tree provides beauty in every season making it a great choice for any yard.

Pagoda Dogwood

4. Jack® Ornamental Pear

Jack® Ornamental Pear is a one of a kind Ornamental Pear tree. A dwarf growth rate results in a tree that matures at less than half the size typical of the species. 

Jack Pear

5. Winter King Hawthorn

Winter King Hawthorn is the new "in vogue" accent tree for home use, and with good reason. Winter King has clusters of white flowers in mid-spring. The glossy, pointy leaves turn yellow in the fall. The fruits are showy red berries carried in abundance from early fall right through to late winter.

Winter King Hawthorn

6. June Snow™ Dogwood

June Snow™ Dogwood can be enjoyed all year long with its ornamental features of white spring flowers, unique fall color, and interesting branching structure that plays contrast against the winter snow. Place this tree where you need extra screening or privacy or as an accent in the landscape. 

June Snow Dogwood

7. Eastern Redbud

This knockout blooms early in spring and is later adorned by large heart-shaped leaves. Its dainty pink-purple blooms attract hummingbirds, butterflies and are sure to stop your neighbors in their tracks. This tree either in single trunk form or multi-stem clump form is perfect in the landscape as an accent to the front or back landscape and adds a bit of privacy screening too!

Eastern Redbud

8. Worplesdon Sweetgum

This outstanding specimen will instantly make it the focal point of any landscape.


9. Amur Flame Maple

This Maple tree is a hidden gem! It flowers, it's smaller and with a rounded crown with interesting foliage. It's truly one of the best ornamental Maples around, perfect as an accent in the landscape or near your back patio.

Amur Flame Maple

10. Taylor Juniper

Taylor Juniper has it all! A unique columnar form, handsome silvery blue-green foliage that will turn shades of bronze in the winter, powdery blue berries that dot the branches spring to winter and rugged exfoliated bark.

Taylor Juniper

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