What does it take to be a parkway tree? To live on the street and still thrive?

It takes adaptability, toughness, a tolerance like no other and a bit of unique beauty. The trees on this list have proven to be excellent performers in the nursery setting and on the parkway. 

Red Oaks on Parkway

New Horizon Elm

Dutch Elm Disease resistant and well suited for the parkway because of its durability and high ground clearance. 

New Horizon Elm

Shingle Oak

Shingle Oak is not only a unique oak tree but it's also extremely cold tolerant and tolerant of urban conditions. 

Shingle Oak

Princeton Sentry® Ginkgo

Sturdy upright branches on this slender/narrow tree make it a perfect fit for city streets.

Princeton Sentry Ginkgo

Exclamation!® London Planetree

This tree is a popular choice for parkways, malls, parks, shopping centers, or anywhere a large shade tree is needed! 


Cleveland Select Ornamental Pear

Cleveland Select can be used anywhere from the parkway to the front landscape and can provide shade as well as accent.

Native Hackberry

Hackberry is always a safe bet and is a must for places where tough growing conditions exist. 

Native Hackberry

Red Oak

Red Oak is a beautiful and artistic shade tree with a picturesque rounded shape and a striking red fall color. It is one of the fastest-growing, and toughest Oak trees available. Put this on your list for next spring- AVAILABLE SPRING 2020

Red Oak Leaves

State Street™ Maple

Particularly bred for urban tolerance, the State Street™ Maple makes a spectacular street tree.

State Street Maple

Street Keeper Honeylocust

This tree boasts the tight, narrow form which is great for parkways or any other situation which calls for a narrow tree.  

Street Keeper Honeylocust

Emerald Lustre® Norway Maple

This tree is becoming one of our most popular tree selections for city parkways & parks due to it's adaptability to tough urban conditions. It's one of our most highly recommended shade tree options. 

Pyramidal European Hornbeam

Not often thought of as a parkway tree option, Pyramidal European Hornbeam may sometimes be overlooked because it's known for being extremely useful for hedging. This stately tree offers a formal and symmetrical appearance, and it's been proven to be heat and drought-resistant. Also, it's relatively free of disease and pest problems. Put this on your list for next spring- AVAILABLE SPRING 2020

Pyramidal European Hornbeam

Purple Robe Black Locust

Purple Robe Locust is a very flexible, unique, and beautiful shade tree. Because they provide light shade with quick growth, they are perfect for virtually anywhere including the parkway!

Purple Robe Black Locust

Tulip Tree

This is a fast-growing, hardy tree which is commonly pruned low to add interesting character to the landscape. Put this on your list for next spring- AVAILABLE SPRING 2020

Tulip Tree

Triumph™ Elm

Easy to grow, straight and symmetrical in the nursery, it becomes a rugged street tree.

Triumph Elm

Burgundy Belle® Red Maple

It's oval and symmetrical shape makes for a great parkway or shade tree. Burgundy Belle® Red Maple is known for its hardiness to all soil types as well as heat and drought resistant. 

Burgundy Belle Red Maple

Regal Prince® Oak

Regal Prince® Oak is resistant to mildew and is notable for excellent columnar form. 

Regal Prince Oak

Red Sunset® Red Maple

This tree is mostly planted for its spectacular red fall color. This tree is a show stopper, and it will have the neighbors wishing they had one!

Red Sunset Red Maple