One might think by June, blooms on trees are non-existent. However, there are many trees that bloom later in the year. This is truly what makes these trees unique. They get their own special time to shine!

Tulip Tree

Standing 60 ft tall and 30 ft wide. The Tulip Tree is a remarkable shade tree. Its fast-growing nature makes it a much-desired tree. There are not many large shade trees that produce flowers and the Tulip Tree is maybe one of the most unique. You can't forget its large "Tulip" shaped green leaf. This is a tree that all your neighbors will stop to look at. 

Tulip Tree Flower

Tulip Flower

Tulip Tree Leaf

Northern Catalpa

Another large shade tree that produces a large cluster of bright white flowers. The large heart-shaped leaf in contrast with the flower in June is an eye-catcher. These trees are great on city streets and in your backyard for a dense amount of shade. 

Catalpa Leaves

Catalpa in Bloom


Pagoda Dogwood

It's white/cream small cluster of flowers on the tips of each branch makes for a fragrant delight. At maturity, the Pagoda Dogwood will be 20-25 ft tall and 20-25 ft wide. Its dense look will provide great privacy and a wonderful view.