Purple!!! Do you see that beautiful, native tree out there? The one with the little purple flowers- What is that? I NEED IT!

I know that is what you have been thinking the last few days...

Redbud! The answer is Redbud.

Redbud trees are fantastic. Their small purple flowers, close to each branch, really make a statement in any yard. If you pay attention as you're driving down the road, you'll most likely see a few wild Redbuds in the timber along your way. These native trees grow wonderful wherever they are placed. Their beauty does not stop at their early spring flower. Once the flowers fall off, a large heart-shaped leaf will emerge. Some Redbuds, such as Ruby Fall Redbud, even have heart-shaped purple foliage. Both the Ruby Falls and the Lavender Twist are weeping forms. The Eastern Redbud is the more common Redbud which will be 20-25 ft tall and wide. Eastern Redbuds can be placed in the open away from the house, or up close to a patio for shade as well as decorative. They are commonly found off corners of houses in landscape beds. 

Redbud Tree in Bloom


You will often see Ornamental Pears of all kinds on parkways. They have a large cluster of white flowers that fill the entire tree before the leaves pop. The new varieties of Ornamental Pear have a symmetrical look about them. Cleveland Select Ornamental Pear is the narrow variety. It has a 15' spread and 30' height at maturity, with a pyramidal shape. Aristocrat Ornamental Pear is a larger Pear. 40 ft tall and 28' wide makes for a large shade and ornamental tree. We can't forget about the little one of the bunch, Jack Ornamental Pear. This Pear tree is a great accent tree. It can be placed next to the house, or in the smallest of places. All Ornamental Pear trees have great red-orange fall color. Ornamental Pear trees have it all. White flowers in the spring, dark green glossy leaves, and bright red-orange fall color. All while acting as a wonderful medium-sized shade tree. 

Cleveland Pear

Cleveland Pear

Serviceberry trees have a dainty feel to them. Their multiple small branches, which have white flowers in the spring, are great for the spot at the corner of your house that has always seemed to need something. They have a small red or blue, a berry that attracts birds. You can even harvest the berries to make jam, but you'll have to be quick to get them before the birds. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry has proven to be a very strong tree, which has a fantastic shrub-like look.