Safety first! When you place an order through and choose to have our team plant your trees, we take care of all the underground wire locates for you. It is very important for our customers' safety as well as our team to have a yard marked of all protentional underground wires before we begin digging.

When underground wire locates are marked it gives the customer great knowledge on where to have their new trees planted. We cannot plant a tree on top of any underground wire locates. This is for two reasons, one, digging on top of these markings can result in damage to the wires or worse the person doing the digging. Two, if a tree is planted on top of any utility wire you run the risk of that utility company having to dig up your trees in the future if there is every any work that is needed to be done on them. Since the utility company owns the wires, they have all rights to dig up what is on top of the wires, if there is ever a problem. 

Luckily, locating underground wires is very simple and a free service available to anyone. If you are located outside of the city limits of Chicago, J.U.L.I.E, Inc. takes care of dispatching all utility companies when a ticket is requested. J.U.L.I.E makes it very easy to request a ticket and will have your yard located within 48 hours after the request is processed. After a 'dig ticket' is requested different utility companies such as Nicor, ComEd® city sewer, and water, for example, will show up and place flags as and spray paint on the grass indicating where the wires are and lead to. asks that you place your trees 4 ft away from any underground wire locate. We cannot start digging until we have received an all-clear notice, 48 hours after the ticket is requested

If you are located in the city limits of Chicago, DIGGER: Chicago's Utility Alert Network, manages all the underground wires locates only in the city limits of Chicago. They have an easy dig ticket request process and operate the same way as J.U.L.I.E. Again if is doing the tree planting you as the customer do not have to worry about contacting J.U.L.I.E or DIGGER. has to legally do the request since we are the ones conducting the digging.

If your tree planting is scheduled and you notice that you do not have any markings in your yard two days before your scheduled installation date. We ask for you to contact us and we will send out an emergency locate. The locates will then be done within 2 hours of the request and our installation schedule should stay on track as planned.

If is not doing the planting for you, it is very important that you send a dig request on your own, before you start digging. You can do this through their websites or over the phone. You will only need the county in which you are doing the digging and your address. They will then give you a dig ticket number and you will be cleared to start digging in 48 hours. links are below. 


Dial 811 to reach J.U.L.I.E. Customer Support


Dial 312-744-7000 to reach DIGGERS Customer Support