Chicagoland Grows® Plant & Tree Introduction Program is in partnership with the Chicago Botanic Garden, The Morton Arboretum  and the Ornamental Grower's Association of Northern IL (OGA). Through this program, they are able to specially select new cultivars that are well adapted to the growing conditions in the Chicagoland area. Although this program does have a regional focus, the trees in this program have proven to be well adapted in all upper mid-western zone appropriate areas. 

State Street™ Maple

This tree was selected for it's exceptional tolerance to heat, drought, acidic or alkaline soils. Notable and attractive traits are it's rugged, textured bark, and medium-dark green leaves that transition to an incredible gold-yellow in the fall. 

State Street Maple

Crescendo™ Sugar Maple

Selectively bred and is native to the Chicagoland region. This tree will stun with its striking red-orange fall color. Perfect for residential properties and parks.

Crescendo Sugar Maple

EXCLAMATION!® London Planetree

Well adapted and is resistant to anthracnose and frost cracking. It's wonderfully attractive peeling bark and unique foliage is something to exclaim about!

London Planetree

Accolade® Elm

Originated from seed at The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in 1924 and cloned from the collections at The Morton Arboretum. Resistant to Dutch Elm Disease and Elm Leaf Beetle. This handsome tree has glossy green leaves in spring and summer and turns a warm yellow in the fall. Truly perfect for parkways, parks, and yards offering shade in that too sunny location.

Accolade Elm

Triumph™ Elm

Selected for its strong branching and lush, glossy green leaves. Triumph™ Elm has shown excellent resistance to disease and pests as well as drought tolerance. A wonderful choice for homes, parks, and parkways!

Triumph Elm

Beijing Gold® Tree Lilac

Also commonly known as the Peking Tree Lilac, was selected as part of the Chicagoland Grows® Plant Introduction for its summer plumes of fragrant yellow flowers, dark green foliage, attractive bark, upright growth habit, and warm yellow fall color. This outstanding specimen tree can be planted in groups in the landscape, along driveways, patios, and does well on the parkway.

Beijing Gold Tree Lilac


Chicagoland Grows® Plant Introduction Program

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