Order your fruit trees today to be delivered and planted this Spring!

All pricing below is local to Grundy County only. If you are outside of Grundy County and are interested in our fruit trees please contact us. 

All of our fruit trees will be in containers being approximately 6-7 ft tall. They can be picked up at the nursery by appointment only, or delivered and planted, starting in late May. 

Nursery Pick-up: $100 each 

Delivery and Planting: $200 each


  • Gala Apple- The Gala Apple is known for the large number of apples it produces. The golden apple will be ready to pick in early August and is a great apple choice for baking. If picked during their ripe period you'll enjoy its fantastic juicy-tart flavor. The Gala Apple tree will need another type of Apple tree to pollinate and produce apples. A good pick for a pollinator tree would be, Golden Delicious or Honeycrisp. 

Gala Apple

  • Honeycrisp Apple- Honeycrisp Apples are great pollinator tree for other apple trees, but you'll also need to have another apple tree nearby for the Honeycrisp Apple tree to produce apples. Honeycrisp Apples are bright red with yellow markings making for a pretty site in September when the apples can be picked from the tree and enjoyed for its juicy sweet-tart flavor.


  • Red Fuji- Medium to large in size with a light red-yellow mixed appearance. Its taste is juicy and crisp with a creamy white flesh. The sweet flavor can add a honey and citrus taste to your mouth. Fuji apples are often used to make jams and strudel or are great for pairing with sharp cheddar cheese. You'll need a pollinator close by and can expect to harvest the apples in late October.

Red Fuji

  • Golden Delicious- This small to medium golden colored apple has a crisp, fresh, sweet flavor. The Golden Delicious apple is a well-rounded apple, great for slicing and placing on a fresh salad or baking into an apple crumble cake. It will need a pollinator close by but is also a great pollinator for other apple trees. Harvest in late September.

Golden Delicous

  • Rainier Cherry- The color of the skin on this cherry is something to see. It's golden colored, kissed with tones of pink and red, make for an attractive sight. When you bite into it's golden inside you won't forget the sweet, caramel-like taste. Rainier Cherry are self-pollinators, so you'll only need 1 tree in your yard to produce these lovely cherries.

  • Bali Cherry- It's very deep red fruit with a kick of sour-tart taste make for a great choice for baking your favorite cherry pie or enjoying fresh off the tree branch. Very cold resistant which makes for a great adaptable tree in our climate.  LIke the Rainer Cherry, Bali Cherry is self-pollinating. 
Bali Cherry

  • Stella Cherry-You'll enjoy its early flower blossoms in the spring and have the pleasure of indulging in a large number of cherries produced in early summer. The Stella Cherry is one of the only self-fertile sweet flavored cherry trees. Its fruit is most popular for the fresh sweet flavor which can be eaten directly off the tree.
Stella Cherry

  • Comice Pear- You'll be surprised by their jumbo size fruit which it produces in early September, with a greenish-red color. You'll want to pear (ha!) your Comice Pear with a slice of Brie however because of it's large amount of juice they are not recommended for baking. 
Comice Pear

  • D'Anjou Pear- You'll enjoy its bright green fruit in late September when they are ready to be picked. Its crisp firm taste will sure to delight your taste buds. The D'Anjou will need a pollinator in order to produce fruit. 
Danjou Pear


  • Reliance Peach- This Peachtree is cold hardy and adaptable, with red blush or orange color peaches.  The compact size will be great for most locations, at maturity the Reliance Peachtree will be 8-10 ft tall and 8-10 ft wide. The mild sweet taste will be great for an afternoon snack or that perfect peach pie in the middle of summer. Self-pollinating.


Important Note: When fruit trees need pollinators that means you'll need another tree of the same kind but different species in order for the tree to pollinate and produce fruits. It will normally take 2-3 years for a fruit tree of any kind to start producing fruit after being transplanted. 

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