Spring Grove Nursery has a new office building and location in the works which ultimately will be more practical not only in the way of location (up near the nursery instead of its current location on the family farm) but also the way it functions for their business, their crew and our business as well. In conjunction with this change, the above ground holding-yard has been relocated for better access and loading.

The nursery has over 1000 trees ready for planting in our holding yard right now!

Check out some pictures of trees in their new location

River Birch

Redbud Flowers Closeup

Eastern Redbud Beginning to leaf out

Columnar Oaks in the Holding Yard

Oak Leaves

June in the Field

The amount of rain we had in May was absolutely record-breaking. Now, with a few dry days in the forecast (finally) and the holding yard well stocked, the nursery has begun their fieldwork. The nursery crew is carefully pruning, staking, spraying and mowing getting their trees off to a healthy growing season. Weed control is a top priority.

As Becky Thomas of SGN Trees says, "This time of year it is extremely important to maintain the clean trees and fields in a timely manner. By doing this we can successfully grow a healthy crop year after year. A little bit of work on the front end prevents a lot of work later on. We are happy with the progress we are making so far in the fields to keep weeds and pests out of our fields!"

Fieldwork  Fieldwork

Read more about their fieldwork in their June Notes From the Field blog post!




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