September Notes from the Field

Let's take a look at what the SGN crew has been up to this month.

♦ Fall Tree Planting

The nursery just completed their fall tree planting of Evergreens, a fresh crop for the future!

"This season we put in some nice Norway Spruce and White Pine from Evergreen Nursery in Wisconsin. Thanks to them for always shipping us beautiful plants! We unloaded and planted within 2 days, and that night got 3/4″ of rain. Just what our new trees needed to settle them in nicely!"

Evergreen Collage

♦ SGN Trees Measure Up!

"We have been busy counting & measuring out in the field and we are pleased to report that the numbers don’t lie… we have a great crop of trees ready to plug into your fall or spring equations!  We found terrific growth in the field on many varieties, so now is the time to get your orders for both Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 in!"

Caliper on Emerald Lustre

♦ SGN's Commitment to Soil Conservation ♦

"After a new crop of tree liners are planted in the field, we use minimal tillage to prepare the area for our cover crop. Every year on Labor Day, we plant grass strips into our new tree crop blocks. This year, we got a few timely rains right after planting so our grass is already up and off to a great start! "

SGN Trees Soil Conservation

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