Spring is always an exciting time of year around here! Spring Grove Nursery is busy in the field planting new tree liners and soon they'll begin digging.

This year, Spring Grove Nursery has us excited for the return of Rugged Ridge® Maple, White Pine and NEW to iTrees.com are Urban Sunset® Shantung Maple, Butterflies Cucumbertree Magnolia, Arnold Tulip Tree, Swedish Columnar Aspen, Hill’s Oak (Northern Pin Oak), Green Whisper® Bald Cypress, and the ever-stately Jefferson Elm! We can’t tell you how thrilled these additions make us!

New Trees

While the majority of our superb high-quality trees will come from Chris’ sister’s family owned nursery- Spring Grove Nursery, on occasion we do purchase from other local, high-quality nurseries for specialty specimens that SGN doesn’t grow. This year, however, is different. Due to high customer demand, iTrees.com is proud to introduce specimen Juniper Trees from Doty Nursery to our website. Sizes and quantities will be limited. 

Juniper Trees

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