and Spring Grove Nursery were happy to attend and support our local Grundy County Morris Hospital 51st Annual Charity Gala. This year all proceeds benefit Morris Hospital and Healthcare Centers' "Rhythm of Our Youth Program". "Rhythm of Our Youth Program" is a fantastic, free of charge program offered in over 14 different local schools by the staff of Morris Hospital and Healthcare Centers'. The program is set up to prevent the occurrence of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), which claims more than 2,000 lives of children and adolescents in the United States each year and approximately 3-5% of the deaths that occur in children between the ages of 5-19. The programs' goal is to detect underlying heart conditions in our youth, which many times can be treated.

During the Gala, we had the pleasure of listening to three different beneficiary families of the program. All beneficiaries participated in the screening during school hours, which then resulted in abnormal EKG's. Since the program started 3 years ago there have been over 4,000 screenings and 90+ abnormal EKG's detected.  

Overall, the event seemed to be a perfect success. and Spring Grove Nursery was happy to donate a 2.0-inch caliper tree of choice delivered, planted and warrantied for the event's silent auction. 

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