Nothing is quite as *BRILLIANT* as this week's tree!

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is covered in stunning clusters of white flowers in early spring, and its dark green foliage turns to a brilliant brick red in the fall. It produces edible reddish-blue berries in late spring, which can be consumed by humans or wildlife. Not enough can be said about this beautiful and useful tree. 

Why we love this *BRILLIANT* tree 

  • It's a 3 season tree!
  • Dainty, white spring flowers
  • Small Tree (15-25 feet)
  • Versatile shrub-like form: great for ornamental purposes, as an accent near a patio or deck, or for privacy and screening
  • Rapid growth rate
  • Edible Blueberry-like fruit, yum!
  • Attracts Wildlife
  • Striking red-orange fall color

Check out these pictures of Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry in each season!


Single Serviceberry in Bloom

Serviceberry Clump form in bloom


Serviceberry near pool

Serviceberry Fruit


Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry in Fall in the Nursery

Serviceberry Fall Leaves Closeup

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry in Fall in front of brick house
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