Emerald Lustre® Norway Maple is becoming one of our most popular tree selections for city parkways & parks, however, it's proven extremely well suited for open areas of the yard. It's one of our most highly recommended shade tree options. 
Here are a few of the reasons we love this ♦lustrous tree 
  • Very tolerant of tough/urban growing conditions
  • Perfect park, parkway, and home landscape shade tree
  • Striking yellow-gold fall color
  • Mature upright, round form
  • Offers dense shade
Emerald Lustre Norway Maple in Nursery with Green Foliage

Emerald Lustre Norway Maple Green Leaf Closeup

Emerald Lustre Norway Maple in Fall in the Nursery with Transitioning fall foliage

Emerald Lustre Norway Maple with Gold Fall Color in Nursery

Get iTrees.com owner, Chris Harford's take on Emerald Lustre® Norway Maple in the video below!

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