Chicagoland residents are used to the feeling of looking forward to seeing the leaves change color in autumn but did you know that some tree species change color in the spring too? Purple Catalpa is one of those special trees that will not only change color in autumn but will first go through a color change in spring/early summer! How neat is that?

Purple Catalpa leafs out in the spring with beautiful deep purple leaves that unfurl to a huge size. Large panicles of yellow and purple-spotted white flowers crown the canopy in late spring as the foliage begins its transition to bronze-green summer color. Come autumn you can expect to see yellow-gold fall color. It's a beautiful sight to see.

What makes this tree SO special 

  • Unique changing foliage
  • Large panicles of flowers
  • Large Tree (more than 40 feet)
  • Heart-shaped leaves 
  • Versatile tree; this tree will offer substantial shade but can be used as an accent in the open landscape

Purple Catalpa Collage
Check out this *VIDEO* montage of Purple Catalpa in our holding-yard!


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