Red Sunset Red Maple in Autumn with Red-orange fall color

Acer rubrum 'Franksred' was developed by J. Frank Schmidt Jr., and is noted for being the standard to which all Red Maples are compared. This tree's striking red to red-orange Fall color is the perfect accent for ushering in autumn. 

Reasons why you should plant this tree right now 

  • Versatility! This shade tree can be planted just about anywhere. Plant it in open spaces of your yard, for added screening near a deck or patio, as a specimen, on the parkway and it has even been proven as reliable in parking lot island areas. 
  • Vigorous fast grower
  • Tiny pink-red Spring flower that signals the arrival of spring
  • Strong and symmetrical branching
  • Incredible display of Fall color

Check out Red Sunset® Red Maple in early autumn right before the trees begin to change colors 

Here's the spectacular Red Sunset® Red Maple after it's changed colors


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