We're kicking off our season of Tree of the Week with the ever popular, River Birch! 

River Birch has it ALL!

  • Tough and hardy
  • Extremely versatile in the landscape
  • Attractive peeling bark
  • Beautiful yellow-gold fall color
  • INSECT RESISTANCE: Bronze birch borer, Japanese beetle
  • Adaptable in wet locations
  • Comes in both single stem and multi-stem clump form (clump form is excellent for privacy and screening)

Check out some pictures from our holding yard 

Birch Leaves

River Birch in Holding Yard

River Birch Trunk

→ Head to our River Birch product page to see more tree pictures and get tree stats.

Check out the *VIDEO* below to learn more!


River Birch Product Page- https://itrees.com/river-birch.html

J. Frank Schmidt Data Sheet- https://www.jfschmidt.com/pdfs/riverbirch.pdf

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