This week's tree is long overdue for a showcase and it just happens to be owner, Marlee Harford's favorite tree! Shingle Oak is a native to the midwest and more specifically to the #CHICAGOLAND area. This large shade tree has unique unlobed leaves, which are different from what we are used to seeing in an Oak. 

Marlee standing by Shingle Oak in Field

Reasons why Marlee loves this tree 

  • Dark green, glossy leaves in the spring & summer
  • Unique Oak tree with its unlobed leaves
  • Gold to rusty red fall color
  • Large shade tree
  • Native tree
  • Attracts wildlife
Mature Shingle Oak in Cul de sac Island Changing Colors Shingle Oak Foliage Closeup in Fall  

Check out our video montage of Shingle Oak in the nursery and holding-yard 


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