Arbor Day, the day set aside just to show the importance of trees in our everyday lives. J. Sterling Morton, who was living in Nebraska at the time, proposed the tree-planting holiday on 1872 as "Arbor Day".  Arbor Day later became a legal holiday on April 22nd, 1874, which happened to be J. Sterling Morton's birthday. April 22nd, 1874, students of Nebraska came together to plant trees and celebrate. There were over 1,000 students in participation that day and more than a million trees planted. J. Sterling Morton said a wonderful speech and the rest is now history. To this day schools, businesses, organizations, and many more celebrate Arbor Day every year, in many different ways. 

What will you do this Arbor Day? 

Arbor Day is a great opportunity to educate and bring awareness to your community, on the importance of trees. There are so many wonderful benefits to trees. A single tree planted doesn't seem like a lot, but the benefits are endless for decades to come. 

Here are some ideas of easy ways you can celebrate this Arbor Day. April 27th, 2018.

- Plant a tree of any size

- Read a book about trees- Books on trees

- Take a hike and identify trees along the way

Become a member of the National Arbor Day Foundation

- Conduct an Arbor Day celebration within your community, ask your local official's to be involved

- Volunteer at your local park to help clean up waste

- Contact your city forester to honor their commitment to tree planting in your community

- Volunteer at a local school to help educate our youth on the importance of trees

- Check with your local events calendar to see if there is a celebration already in place

Feel free to visit the Arbor Day Foundation website for additional information and facts about Arbor Day. Let us know in the comments below how you will celebrate Arbor Day this year.

APRIL 27th, 2018


Arbor Day