Emerald Avenue® Hornbeam

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Quick Overview

Emerald Avenue® Hornbeam is about as tough as they come. Nicknamed 'The Hulk' for its deep green leaves, strong central leader, stout trunk, and impressive vigorous growth rate.


Quick Overview

Why it rocks:

Nicknamed 'The Hulk' this strong tree has a beautiful deep green leaf and a vigorous growth rate. Emerald Avenue® Hornbeam is a tough shade tree. This tree is known for maintaining its rich green color during the summer due to its superior heat tolerance. This standout tree will turn a bright yellow in the fall.

Where to put it:

Emerald Avenue® Hornbeam is a tough shade tree that will do well in almost any location in the landscape. This tree has proven to do exceptionally well along the parkway. Because of its size, it should be planted at least 15ft from buildings to allow it plenty of room for its beautiful shade.

What it needs:

Emerald Avenue® Hornbeam does well in full sun and prefers well-drained soil. Be sure to follow our tree care instructions for the first few growing seasons until the root system is well-established.



Botanical Name Carpinus betulus ‘JFS-KW1CB’ PP 22814
Hardiness Zone 5
Tree Type Shade
Size Range Medium Tree (25-40 feet)
Mature Height 40'
Mature Spread 28'
Shape Upright Oval, Pyramidal
Foliage Color Dark Green
Fall Color Yellow/Gold
Flower Color N/A
Decorative Fruit Nutlet
Landscape Uses Shade, Parkway/Street
Growth Rate Vigorous
Plant Tolerance Very Adaptable
Standout Feature Deep green leaves, strong central leader, yellow fall color