Summertime means lots of sunshine and higher temps! Not to worry— we've got you covered with our top summer tree care tips!


First and foremost, the most important thing to remember is to water! Be sure to follow our Tree Care InstructionsThis is especially true in the summertime when the weather can be hot and dry. Consistent tree watering with a newly planted tree for the first few growing seasons will assure a healthy tree for many years to come. The growing season in Chicagoland is usually mid-April to the middle/end of November (yes you will still need to water your tree throughout fall). recommends watering your tree immediately after it is planted. With a hose, we suggest watering your tree once a week, on a slow trickle for about one hour at the base of the trunk. Consistent tree watering with a newly planted tree for the first few growing seasons will assure a healthy tree for many years to come. Continue to water through the first few years at least once a week in the absence of rain. Regular deep soakings are better than frequent light wettings. 

Quality hoses are best because they will last the longest and hold up when left outside. There are a few options here. You can use a traditional garden hose or for more controlled water release, use a soaker ring, soaker hose, or a tree watering bag (all linked below, simply tap or click on the images to purchase now).

Watering Methods We Recommend →

Garden Hose

Soaker Hose

Soaker Ring

Treegator® Jr. Pro Slow Release 15 Gallon Watering Bag

*Check out the How-To Video Here*

A Treegator® is hands down the easiest and most efficient way to water your tree. Treegator® Jr. Pro is a slow-release watering system for newly planted trees. The Treegator® Jr. Pro slowly and evenly delivers a high volume of water directly to the root system of a newly planted tree or shrub with no run-off or evaporation. We can't recommend this method enough!

→ Helpful Watering Tips

Check the Soil

A good way to check to see if your tree needs to be watered is by checking the soil. An easy way to do this is by taking your hand or a small Garden Trowel and dig down about 6 inches and feel the soil. You should be able to roll the soil into a ball but not dry enough that it will crumble or so liquid that it runs through your fingers.


Add Your Tree's Watering Schedule To Your Calendar

Use a regular calendar or put it in your phone and that way you can set a reminder that will alert you ahead of time. Whatever option works best for you. Then, when you do go to water, be sure to set a Hose Timer so you won’t forget to turn the hose off!

Watering Schedule


Another important part of tree care and it is pretty crucial is mulching. When we plant your tree we will mulch around the tree. We take pride in our mulching method. Our crew will focus on exposing the root flare (the base of the trunk) and will create a moat around the tree as opposed to the volcano style which is a very common mistake. You can see exactly what we are talking about in the comparison pictures below.

It’s a good idea to keep your mulch replenished even as your trees age. Mulch will keep the moisture in and the weeds and pests out!

How to Mulch