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— Yoga in the Park —

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Yoga in The Park - Enjoy a morning yoga class in Lincoln Park. All sales go toward planting trees on the south side of Chicago.

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Yoga in the park is what we all need. And you don't want to miss this class with the amazing instructor, Bradshaw Wish. The yoga class will be August 16 from 8-9 am in Lincoln Park’s Grove 2 (see map) off Stockton Drive.

Mats will be 6 feet apart and for your safety, please bring your own water bottle, towel, and mat. Please arrive 10 minutes early to class to set up.

All ticket sales will be donated to plants locally grown trees in the Chicagoland area. Dr. Felty is teaming up with some organizations on the south side and Dr. Phoenix to plant trees in areas of need. Why? Nature is important for our health, especially in the city. Trees deter crime, clean the air, and enhance mental health. There will be a tree-planting ceremony following the yoga class by 75th street ( more details to come).

Tell a friend to join you in a relaxing yoga class outside. The more people we have, the more trees we can plant!

Yoga in the Park