Ruby Slippers Amur Maple


Quick Overview

Ruby Slippers Amur Maple's dense canopy is adorned by showy bright red samaras in late spring. Its fine-textured green leaves transition to a brilliant red in the fall. 


Quick Overview

Why it rocks:

Ruby Slippers Amur Maple shows off in early summer with its bright red samaras that contrast against its medium-green leaves which will transition to a brilliant red in the fall. Ruby Slippers Maple has a dense upright spreading to a rounded canopy once it reaches full maturity. 

Where to put it:

Ruby Slippers Amur Maple is an excellent choice for a specimen tree in the landscape. Plant it anywhere shade and ornamental interest are needed. 

What it needs:

Ruby Slippers Amur Maple prefers well-drained soil and will do well in full sun to part shade, performing well in a variety of site conditions. Be sure to follow our tree care instructions for the first few growing seasons until the root system is well-established.


Botanical Name A. ginnala ‘Ruby Slippers’
Hardiness Zone 3
Tree Type Shade, Ornamental & Flowering
Size Range Small Tree (15-25 feet)
Mature Height 20'
Mature Spread 20'
Shape Round, Upright Spreading/Arching
Foliage Color Medium Green
Fall Color Brilliant Red
Flower Color N/A
Decorative Fruit Bright Red Samaras
Landscape Uses Shade, Ornamental/Flowering
Growth Rate Moderate
Plant Tolerance Adaptable
Standout Feature Bright Red Samaras, Upright Spreading to Rounded, Bright Red Fall Color