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All though all the trees we sell are exceptional, Becky and Jamie, of Spring Grove Nursery, have listed their favorite, proven performers. This list of trees has been known to withstand our unpredictable winters, drought-stricken summers, and long, cold springs. -we often time experience. They have shown to come out ahead though rough conditions within the nursery setting and homeowner's yard.

-Becky Thomas, explains why Spring Grove Nursery selected the trees they did, for their "Tried and True Selection". iTrees.com calls them our "Growers Picks" 

"Tried & True Selections From your Growers at Spring Grove Nursery"

"Here is a highlighted list of trees we have found to perform well in our nursery and in the landscape. These trees thrive in our fields despite the extreme climate fluctuations we have experienced in recent years. We are always evaluating which selections seem to flourish despite a wide range of extremes, yet still, offer ornamental interest in the landscape. Everything we grow here at the nursery is worth merit, or we wouldn’t grow it! These are just a few selections that have caught our attention in recent years:"

Tried and True