Norway Spruce has it all!

Homeowners love it for it's faster growth rate of all the spruce varieties we grow, it's beautifully unique branching habit as it matures, the fact that it offers privacy and screening with its year-round evergreen needles, all while they help to reduce energy costs but maybe the best feature of all, is that they attract wildlife!

Norway Spruce

According to The Morton Arboretum, "Norway spruce is a large, pyramidal tree with long, cylindrical cones that hang like ornaments from the weeping branches against the dark green foliage. This sun-loving, 50-80 foot-high tree is often used as windbreaks, screens, or hedges in large-scale landscapes."

Why we love this architectural tree 

♦ Large Tree (more than 40 feet)
♦ Moderate to a rapid growth rate
♦ Useful as a windbreak for privacy & screening or as a specimen tree in the landscape or for open areas in parks
♦ Beautiful weeping branches and dark green needles
♦ Pyramidal form
♦ Interesting flaky gray bark
♦ Attracts wildlife is no longer delivering and planting Evergreen trees this fall. There is a general rule in the green industry to try to stop planting evergreens by the end of October to the middle of November. It is best to give the evergreens trees some time before the cold cold winter sets in, to establish it's root system and be settled in for the winter. Also, the nursery will usually stop digging evergreens out of the ground for this reason as well. 

We will begin delivering and planting Evergreen trees again next spring. 

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