Blue Point Juniper

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Quick Overview

Blue Point Juniper is an excellent privacy & screening option for homeowners because of its dense branching. Bluish-green scale-like needles texturize the landscape and offer year-round interest. 


Quick Overview

Why it rocks:

Blue Point Juniper has large, bluish-green, scale-like needles. This durable and adaptable evergreen adds year-round color and texture to landscapes. In late summer to early fall, homeowners can expect to see a blue-green berry-like fruit that attracts birds. 

Where to put it:

Blue Point Juniper's dense branching structure lends its self to the landscape offering privacy & screening. Blue Point Juniper is useful as a hedge, in groups for windbreaks, and will also do well as a vertical accent in the landscape.

What it needs:

Blue Point Juniper prefers full sun and will tolerate partial shade. Be sure to follow our tree care instructions for the first few growing seasons until the root system is well-established.


Botanical Name Juniperus chinensis ‘Blue Point’
Hardiness Zone 4
Tree Type Evergreen
Size Range Compact Tree (6-15 feet)
Mature Height 10'
Mature Spread 5'
Shape Pyramidal
Foliage Color blue/green
Flower Color N/A
Decorative Fruit Silvery berry-like cones
Landscape Uses Hedge, Windbreak, Privacy/Screening
Growth Rate Moderate
Plant Tolerance Adaptable
Standout Feature Attractive bluish-green needles, Dense branching useful for screening