New Horizon Elm

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Quick Overview

This cold tolerant hybrid elm was developed in a disease resistance program at the University of Wisconsin. Easy to grow, straight, and symmetrical in the nursery, it becomes a rugged street tree.


Quick Overview

Why it rocks:

This cold tolerant hybrid elm was  developed in a  disease resistance program at  the University of  Wisconsin. Easy to  grow, straight, and  symmetrical in the  nursery, it becomes  a rugged street tree.

Where to put it:

This tree is particularly well suited for parkways because of its durability and high ground clearance. 

What it needs:

New Horizon Elms are vigorous and adaptable; they can grow in almost any condition. 


Botanical Name Ulmus japonica x pumila 'New Horizon' PP 8684
Hardiness Zone 4
Tree Type Shade
Size Range Large Tree (more than 40 feet)
Mature Height 40-50'
Mature Spread 25'
Shape Upright Oval, Upright Spreading/Arching
Foliage Color Dark Green
Fall Color Yellow/Gold
Flower Color No
Decorative Fruit None
Landscape Uses Shade, Parkway/Street
Growth Rate Rapid
Plant Tolerance Very Adaptable