Red Sunset® Red Maple

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Quick Overview

Red Sunset® Red Maple bursts with bright red fall color, and will have the neighbors wishing they had one in their yard as well! 


Quick Overview

Why it rocks:

Red Sunset® Red Maple is mostly planted for its spectacular red fall color. This tree is a show stopper, and it will have the neighbors wishing they had one in their yard as well! This tree has a desirable upright oval shape with attractive green foliage in the summer that burst with color in the fall. 

Where to put it:

Red Sunset® Red Maple should be planted where you can most enjoy its color and shade. Because of its size, it should be planted at least 15ft from buildings to allow it plenty of room for its beautiful shade. Parkways, front yards, and backyards are great locations for this popular tree. 

What it needs:

Red Sunset® Red Maple thrives in almost any home landscape. This tree will benefit from well-drained soil conditions, and shouldn’t be planted where it can be over-exposed to salt. 


Botanical Name Acer rubrum 'Franksred'
Hardiness Zone 4
Tree Type Shade
Size Range Large Tree (more than 40 feet)
Mature Height 45'
Mature Spread 35'
Shape Upright Oval
Foliage Color Medium Green
Fall Color Red/Orange
Decorative Fruit None
Landscape Uses Shade, Parkway/Street
Growth Rate Moderate to Rapid
Plant Tolerance Adaptable
Standout Feature Outstanding Fall Color, Classic Shape