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Our new lineup of fall trees will be dug out of the field very soon, it is all dependant on the weather and our nursery must wait until the trees go dormant (lose their leaves) before digging them out of the ground.

If you place your order now it will assure your trees are held for you and the nursery will put you on their dig list, as these are dig-to-order trees. We will be able to deliver and plant them this fall.'s fall planting will begin around mid-October and will continue throughout November, up until the ground begins to freeze. 

Green Mountain® Sugar Maple

Green Mountain® Sugar Maple is the standard for comparison in Sugar Maples. It is the most widely planted selection and has proven itself well over time. 

Green Mountain Sugar Maple

Heartland® Northern Catalpa

Heartland® Northern Catalpa has a more narrow and upright form than its counterparts allowing it to be more versatile in the landscape and on the parkway. Its large, dark green heart-shaped foliage transitions to a subtle buttery yellow in the fall. Late summer, the tree will bloom with large panicles of white fragrant flowers.

Heartland Northern Catalpa

Beijing Gold® Tree Lilac

Beijing Gold® Tree Lilac, also commonly known as the Peking Tree Lilac, is part of the Chicagoland Grows® Plant Introduction Program and introduced to Northern America through the NACPEC (North America-China Plant Exploration Consortium) and The Morton Arboretum. Selected for its summer plumes of fragrant yellow flowers, dark green foliage, attractive bark, upright growth habit, and warm yellow fall color.

Beijing Gold

Musashino Japanese Zelkova

Musashino Japanese Zelkova is a unique shade tree selection. This tree has a beautiful columnar form with slender serrated medium green leaves. Autumn brings an array of tones, from yellow to rusty red-orange. Musashino Japanese Zelkova’s slender form makes it the perfect choice for tight spaces.


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