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Magnolia buds hold tightly until they'll suddenly burst open with the return of the first warm day.

Dr. Merrill

Dr. Merrill

Red Maple

#funfact - they bloom! Take a look around and you won't be able to stop once you start noticing the red maples in bloom! 

Red Maple

Acer Rubrum

Here's a list of our Red Maples 

Red Sunset® Red Maple

Redpointe® Red Maple

Burgundy Belle® Red Maple

October Glory® Red Maple

Sun Valley Red Maple

Other similar options

Autumn Blaze Maple

Autumn Fantasy® Maple

Celebration® Maple

Vernal Witchhazel

Vernal Witchhazel

For comparison, here's what we saw in bloom last year →

Red Maples- April 20th

Magnolia- April 26th

Pear, Redbud & Serviceberry- May 3rd

Crabapple & Yellow Buckeye- May 16th

Tulip Tree, Catalpa & Dogwood- June 5th

Last Year

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